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Our dyscalculia tutoring includes 1 on 1 help at one of our learning disability centers!

With Kivato Dyscalculia Tutoring Houston, That One Test Might Mean Nothing!

At Kivato, our Houston Dyscalculia Tutors often come across students that are excellent readers but are not as proficient with numbers. Impressively enough, mathematics is a language all by itself consisting of unique symbols and terms. For students already struggling with their first language, math can be the cause of growing anxiety and frustration. Understanding the basics of math concepts can be challenging for students with dyscalculia. As a result, their lack of confidence and skill level affects their math problem-solving skills. At Kivato Dyscalculia Tutoring Houston, we know what it takes to help your student with dyscalculia shine.

Pupils with dyscalculia often perform well in some features of the curriculum but struggle with the rest. Therefore achievement tests that cover math skills such as, geometry, problem-solving, and arithmetics might not indicate your child’s ability accurately. Some achievement tests are skewed which assesses a child’s specific situation improperly. This can lead to the overall score being an unreliable measure of the pupil’s mathematical skills in specific areas.

Try Rhythmic Writing with Kivato

Dyscalculia Tutoring HoustonOur Houston dyscalculia tutors know there is a substantial overlap of symptoms between the disorders of dyscalculia and dyslexia. Deficits in reading and working memory create difficulty in learning reading and math. At Kivato Dyscalculia Tutoring Houston, we know students begin to enjoy the learning process once they have achieved something tangible. We utilize techniques from the National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) to bring out your student’s strengths.

For example, one of our first graders wasn’t very confident in her reading capability as she is today. As she received the tutoring and training individually tailored for her needs, she began to understand the phonetics through an enjoyable and entertaining process. NILD techniques, such as Rhythmic writing, fully engage the child’s brain and trains it to focus on current tasks. By having pupils pay attention to the pattern of where they need to move their hands while writing the number ‘8’, saying ‘Left Right’ at repeated intervals, and simultaneously having them answer questions, the student develops and strengthens their focus. At Kivato Dyscalculia Tutoring Houston we keep in mind that while dyslexia and dyscalculia can overlap, they can still exist in isolation from each other.

For more on the National Institute of Learning Development, click here.

With Kivato Houston Dyscalculia Tutoring, Numbers are Fun!

Our Houston Dyscalculia Tutors at Kivato know intense concentration is required for mathematics. Oftentimes in cases when a child suffers from dyscalculia, they may also suffer from ADHD. A teacher’s comment about the child as ‘inattentive’ may often make things worse as they are merely observing a symptom but not the cause of the behavior. One effective method for teaching a child with dyscalculia involves bringing the pupil’s attention to examples from daily life. 

For example, we use math at times when we need to understand the cost of buying something from the store or counting the number of pages left to finish reading a book. Here at Kivato tutors of Houston, we follow these techniques as our experience and training have provided adequate evidence proving this is the most effective technique to teach students. Our approach also allows the student to realize the significance and importance of learning mathematics, and lead them to show a positive attitude towards math and numbers despite their previous experiences. 

Saying ‘Inattentive’ is Strictly Not Allowed at Kivato

When our Houston dyscalculia tutors teach a subject that involves numbers and calculations, oftentimes the students may not be the most focused and attentive. It’s actually common to have students who lack interest in mathematics. But as teachers, one must always stay patient and keep the child in their best interest. Posing negative statements such as ‘you are so inattentive’, may pose more harm than good and have harmful effects. Though mathematics requires stable concentration and solid thinking, anxiety could interfere with these critical elements of problem-solving. 

Affordable Rates for a therapist at Kivato Dyscalculia Tutoring Houston

Our discounted dyscalculia tutoring starts at just $40 per hour. This is over 40% lower than the industry standard rate for a learning disability therapist ($70 per hour). For more on our tutoring rates, check out our tutor rates page.