“Money should not determine who receives a quality education”


A Little About Us

Based in Houston, Texas, our team members consist of college students and graduates in various fields in addition to health professionals and MBA degree holders. We have worked as professionals in the education industry for the past decade.

Subject curriculum gets personally tailored for each student, ensuring that teaching technique and knowledge are both optimized on an individual basis

In order to ensure optimal effectiveness, we provide mentorship and guidance to our students in addition to tutoring services. Many of our experiences and backgrounds are similar to those we teach and this allows for us to provide vital information and networking skills that can be left out from traditional tutoring centers. This can include helping with choosing a major, improving studying habits, selecting a career, or anything else that stems from our experiences. This can also include that extra push from another voice that can relate ..

Belief in Excellence

Wide exposure to a variety of students from diverse backgrounds is what caused the concept of Kivato to be developed. Experience has taught us that the learning potential of every student is quite similar regardless of financial background. As mentioned before, we believe that cost should not be determining factor in who is able to obtain quality educational service.

Our tutors lead through example

Many years in the education industry demonstrated to us that the tremendous need for tutoring and mentoring services at an affordable price was going unmet. We at Kivato have observed a need for professional tutors at an affordable price. We believe that simply because one does not have the financial backing to pay for highly qualified tutors, it is not right if that is the sole factor precluding them from obtaining access to quality educational resources. Through this belief we established Kivato, a non-profit tutoring organization that specializes in providing high quality tutoring for qualified families at an affordable cost

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Highly Trained Professionals (this list does not represent ALL active tutors)

Just a few of our Tutor & Teachers

Home Tutor All Subjects

Lauren B.

K-8 Math, Algebra, Geometry

Elementary Science, Middle School Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Reading, Grammar, Writing

SAT Math, SAT Reading | ACT Math, ACT Reading

Tutor for Algebra Calculus Engineering Chemistry

Amanda W.

Algebra, Calculus, Engineering Chemistry

Tutor DC | Online Tutor

Sarah E.

Elementary Reading Tutor
Phonics Barriers 

ESL Tutor

Jerome C.

ESL Teacher

Math Tutor | Biology Tutor

Annie C.

Certified Middle School Math Teacher
Certified Biology Teacher

SAT Math, ACT Math, GED

Best Reading Tutor

Joylita L.

Master Reading Teacher

ESL Supplemental

Tarun Jangama | Bellaire High School | Senior Level Student