Parent & Student Reviews

Gloria O.- College/Adult Student

I came to Kivato defeated and discouraged. But my tutors never gave up on me, if I couldn’t understand a concept, they would help me find a way to “make it stick”. My math tutor Afsana especially, was calm yet stern with me to keep practicing and to read questions thoroughly before answering. If I had any questions they were always there to help me. I was hesitant to receive tutoring because of my failed experience with previous tutors, but because of how calm and non judgemental my tutors were I never gave up. Thank you Kivato team and my tutors especially for helping me, I am grateful.

Alexica L.- Elementary Parent

We had a good experience overall. The convenience of having a tutor at our home was great. Our second tutor was devoted and punctual and helped in the areas she needed the help in the most. I thought it was great!

Aaron B.

I saw a significant improvement within the first couple of weeks of my child's tutoring. I would definitely recommend Kivato Tutoring service to my family and friends!

Tommy A- Parent of SAT Student

I enjoyed working with the tutors. They were knowledgable and were able to assist me with all my needs.