Algebra Tutoring Houston Kivato

Algebra Tutoring Houston Kivato

is dedicated to leveling the field.

“Money should not determine who receives a quality education.”

Kivato Tutoring is a non-profit organization located in Houston, Texas. The mission of this program is to provide affordable educational resources to students who need it most, at a fraction of the cost of a standard tutor. Kivato Algebra Tutoring Houston is committed to serving underserved communities in the Greater Houston Area. We work so no student is denied the additional help they need due to the inability to pay. Thus, we ask: Is your child struggling with any of the Algebra concepts introduced in school? Do they need more support than is available in the traditional Houston classroom? Or do they simply learn better with one-on-one or small group instruction? If so, Kivato Algebra Houston Tutors can give them the extra individualized attention they need to tackle this challenging subject at an affordable cost.


What sets Kivato Algebra Tutoring Houston apart?

Kivato Algebra Tutoring Houston One-on-one prep

Kivato Houston Algebra Tutoring wants to provide an accessible way to ensure your child understands more than just the “what” required to answer a specific question; it is important that your student also understand the “why”. This way, they can answer future questions and build on their knowledge. Therefore, to develop this deeper understanding, the Kivato Algebra Tutors Houston will meet directly with your child to identify their strengths and weaknesses. With this information, the tutor will create an individualized roadmap to help your child achieve success. Kivato Algebra Tutoring Houston offers one-on-one instruction, or even more affordable small group sessions. This allows us to meet the needs of the a format that is most effective for the given student.

What further sets this affordable program apart is that Kivato Algebra Tutors Houston also serve as teachers and mentors. Many of the educators we hire have a similar background to the students they teach; they understand the importance of mentorship and providing guidance for the future. They too have been students who needed additional help. While teaching the technical theories behind Algebra concepts and strategies to approach different types of problems on tests, the Kivato Algebra Tutors Houston will also provide guidance on the next steps in life. They can give input on options for different universities and even discuss possible career options. Kivato Algebra Tutoring Houston provides an accessible, affordable, and holistic approach to helping your child reach their potential.

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How does Kivato Algebra Tutoring Houston address the Algebra STAAR exam?

Kivato Algebra Tutoring Houston STAAR Exam Prep

The Kivato Algebra Tutors Houston have proven strategies to ensure the success of your child when taking the Algebra STAAR (end of year) test. They will teach your child the best methods for efficiently using a graphing calculator, how to search for specific keywords that will help break down problems into manageable parts, and how to put this all together to calculate the correct answer to solve the STAAR Algebra question. Furthermore, the Kivato Algebra Tutoring Houston program will walk through the STAAR exam format and ensure your child is prepared for test day.

For more information on the Texas Algebra STAAR test, visit the Texas Education Agency’s STAAR Webpage

Who are the Kivato Houston Algebra Tutors?

All Kivato Houston Algebra Tutors meet at a minimum the following criteria:

    1. Tutor has 1 year of experience tutoring AND
    2. Is a current college student or has a higher level of education

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Our Algebra tutor rates start at just $30 per hour.